Name: Jane Edminson

School: West Jesmond Primary School

Phase: Primary

Designation: NLG

Governance Experience: Governor since 2001 and Chair since 2010. Also Chair at Benton Park Primary and Co-Chair of Heaton Manor. Knowledge of being a governor in an outstanding school and one in special measures. Member of a
Trust Board for a learning trust. Work for Newcastle LA with responsibility for governor training, support and advice.

NLG Experience: NLG since 2012. Numerous deployments, including ERGs in Primary and Secondary.

ERG: Yes


  • All phases and sectors

  • Delivering training

  • ERGs

  • Health checks


Name: Denise Kendall

School: Sacred Heart Catholic High School, Newcastle upon Tyne

Phase: Primary and Secondary

Designation: NLG

Governance Experience: Governor of High School since 1996, Chair of Governors since 2005, Head Teacher Governor for 20+ years, MAT Trustee.

NLG Experience: NLG since 2013, numerous deployments across the area – specific deployments in Catholic schools. Support requests from individual schools and the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle.

ERG: Yes


  • Understanding of ethos of Catholic schools & the school’s role in the mission of the church.

  • All aspects of education in Catholic secondary and primary schools.

  • Support for Chairs / mentoring

  • Developing Governing Bodies

  • Support for new Governors.

  • Health Checks

  • Recruitment

  • Site development & the use of grants.

  • Admissions

  • Pastoral support and behaviour


Name: Helen Richardson

School: Throckley Primary

Phase: Primary

Designation: NLG

Governance Experience: More than 25 years across 4 primary schools. 3 IEBs leading schools into federation, academy & successful community school. 11 years as Head of Governor Services supporting all phases

NLG Experience: Across all phases including special. Support for (new) Chairs, schools in difficulties, supporting development of processes, supporting GB health check.

ERG: Yes.


  • ERG

  • Co-Chair support