Name: Jo Holmes

School: Corbridge Middle School

Phase: Middle, Years 5 - 8

Designation: NLG

Governance Experience: Governor for 12 years since 2004, (with short childcare break) in first and middle schools. Chair since 2014.

NLG Experience: NLG since 2016, deployments have included mentoring new chairs, preparing Governors for Ofsted, supporting Health Checks and Acting Chair. 

ERG: Yes


  • Mentoring chairs

  • Headteacher performance management

  • Health Checks

  • Support in preparation for Ofsted inspections

  • Experience of governor’s role when exploring becoming a MAT


Name: Paul Carvin

School: Three Rivers Learning Trust

Phase: Primary and Secondary

Designation: NLG

Governance Experience: Governor for 6 years. Chair of Multi Academy Trust for three years. Worked with many governing bodies throughout career as school inspector. Head of Education in Gateshead LA for 6 years.

NLG Experience: NLG since 2017, support to and training of governing bodies, coaching of chairs.



  • Mentoring of governors

  • Development of governance in MATs

  • Self evaluation by governors

  • Training programmes for governing bodies